Trans Movies

This page includes Movies, TV Shows, Netflix, Amazon - i.e. any venue that has trans content or trans actors. I have put links to the DVD's on Amazon where I could find them so you can read the descriptions, but if you have Netflix or Amazon, check there first.

Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

3.8 stars out of 5 based on 65 reviews (1994)

Two drag-queens (Anthony/Mitzi and Adam/Felicia) and a transgender woman contract to perform a drag show at a resort in Alice Springs, a resort town in the remote Australian desert. They head west from Sydney aboard their lavender bus, Priscilla. En route, it is discovered that the woman they've contracted with is Anthony's wife. Their bus breaks down, and is repaired by Bob, who travels on with them

After Stonewall

4.7 stars out of 5 based on 10 reviews (1999)

AFTER STONEWALL picks up where Before Stonewall: The Making of a Gay and Lesbian Community left off--right at the flash point of the riots at the Stonewall Inn in New York City, 1969. It's narrated by Melissa Etheridge and shows incredible footage of police raids on gay bars, pride marches, and protests. And it includes footage from hate mongers Anita Bryant, Jesse Helms, Ronald Reagan and Jerry Falwell.

There are also still pictures and news paper clippings that help exemplify what was happening at the time. Interviews with LGBT activists like Dorothy Allison, Barbara Gittings, Harry Hay, Larry Kramer, Jewelle Gomez and others, who could not or would not hide in the shadows, only punctuate the story.

And the story goes right into the AIDS epidemic and the many that died as a result of government inaction. The film takes the viewer up to 1999 and shows how far the LGBT community has come...and how much farther we still must go.

All About My Mother

4.3 out of 5 stars based on 85 reviews (1999)

A Single Mother In Madrid Sees Her Only Son Die On His 17Th Birthday As He Runs To Seek An Actress'S Autograph. She Goes To Barcelona To Find The Lad'S Father, A Transvestite Named Lola Who Does Not Know He Has A Child. First She Finds Her Friend, Agrado, Also A Transvestite; Through Him She Meets Rosa, A Young Nun Bound For El Salvador, And By Happenstance Becomes The Personal Assistant Of Huma Rojo, The Actress Her Son Admired. She Helps Huma Manage Nina, The Co-Star And Huma'S Lover, And She Becomes Rosa'S Caretaker During A Dicey Pregnancy. With Echoes Of Lorca, All About Eve, And A Streetcar Named Desire, The Mothers (And Fathers And Actors) Live Out Grief, Love, And Friendship.

Almost Myself

4.2 out of 5 stars based on 11 reviews (2006)

When he came across a website raising funds to reverse a sex change, director/producer Tom Murray weaves together fascinating stories examining the trials and tribulations facing the transgender community, focusing on women over 40 who had been born male, but who transitioned to female. As he travels across the country, Murray films a variety of women speaking about themselves, including the evolution of Judy to Josef by a transsexual woman who wants to return to being male after more than twenty years living as a woman.
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Before and After Stonewall:  25th Anniversary Edition

5 out of 5 stars based on 1 review (2014)

Both movies "Before -" and "After Stonewall" were absolutely marvelous. I have never seen a documentary were I was moved to tears one moment and laughed hysterically the next. The information, historic background, political positions and sociological struggles are thoroughly portrayed in a collage of social events and true live stories told by the people who lived it! Both the narrators and interviewed celebrities reflect upon society in its modification and growth through resistance. I was so pleased with the movies that I could not wait but to add them to my own collection. The movies show a unique cross section of the music, the writing (!) and the people who changed our environment to the liberated society we live in today.

Boy I Am


While female-to-male transgender visibility has recently exploded in this country, conversations about trans issues in the lesbian community often run into resistance from the many queer women who view transitioning as a "trend" or as an anti-feminist act that taps into male privilege. Boy I Am is a feature-length documentary that begins to break down that barrier and promote dialogue about trans issues through a look at the experiences of three young transitioning FTMs in New York City--Nicco, Norie and Keegan--as they go through major junctures in their transitions, as well as through the voices of lesbians, activists and theorists who raise and address the questions that many people have but few openly discuss.

Boys Don't Cry - Brandon Teena Story

3.9 out of 5 stars based on 178 reviews (1999)

Based on actual events. Brandon Teena is the popular new guy in a tiny Nebraska town. He hangs out with the guys, drinking, cussing, and bumper surfing, and he charms the young women, who've never met a more sensitive and considerate young man. Life is good for Brandon, now that he's one of the guys and dating hometown beauty Lana; however, he's forgotten to mention one important detail. It's not that he's wanted in another town for GTA and other assorted crimes, but that Brandon Teena was actually born a woman named Teena Brandon. When his best friends make this discovery, Brandon's life is ripped apart.

By Hook or by Crook

3.1 out of 5 stars based on 3 reviews (2001)

By Hook or by Crook chronicles the tale of two unlikely friends who commit petty crimes as they search for a path to understanding themselves and the outside world. Silas Howard plays Shy (a transgender man), who leaves his small town after the death of his father, and heads to the big city to live a life of crime. Along the way, he encounters Valentine, a quirky adoptee, in search of his birth mother. An immediate kinship is sparked between these men and they become partners in crime. Suffering money troubles, emotional problems, and physical confrontations, the duo face their issues head on and learn to trust each other and support each other in pursuit of their goals.

(The) Crying Game

4.0 out of 5 stars based on 30 reviews (1992)

An unlikely kind of friendship develops between Fergus, an Irish Republican Army volunteer, and Jody, a kidnapped British soldier lured into an IRA trap by Jude, another IRA member. When the hostage-taking ends up going horribly wrong, Fergus escapes and heads to London, where he seeks out Jody's lover, a hairdresser named Dil. Fergus adopts the name "Jimmy" and gets a job as a day laborer. He also starts seeing Dil, who knows nothing about Fergus' IRA background. But there are some things about Dil that Fergus doesn't know, either...

Dallas Buyer's Club

4.3 out of 5 stars based on 46 reviews (2013)

Matthew McConaughey gives the performance of his career in this uplifting and powerful film inspired by true events. Texas cowboy Ron Woodroof (McConaughey) sees his free-wheeling life overturned when he’s diagnosed as HIV-positive and given 30 days to live. Determined to survive, Woodroof decides to take matters in his own hands by tracking down alternative treatments from all over the world by means both legal and illegal. After finding an unlikely ally in Rayon (Jared Leto), he establishes a hugely successful “buyers’ club” and unites a band of outcasts in a struggle for dignity and acceptance that inspires in ways no one could have imagined.

(The) Danish Girl

4.6 out of 5 stars based on 34 reviews (2015)

Copenhagen, Denmark, 1926. Einar Wegener (played by Eddie Redmayne) and his wife Gerda (Alicia Vikander) are a happily married couple. Both are artists, Einar preferring landscapes and she portraits. One day Einar poses for a portrait of Gerda's while wearing a dress. This is initially done as a lark, as is the later attendance at a party dressed as a woman. However, Einar soon discovers that she is in fact a woman and over time prefers being Lili. At first she and Gerda try to have her situation "cured" but this leads nowhere (other than to many doctors trying to have Lili locked up as a pervert and/or lunatic). Her voyage of self-discovery will ultimately lead to her undergoing the first ever sex-change operation.

Farewell My Concubine

A Queer Film Classic 4.0 out of 5 stars based on 42 reviews (1993)

"Farewell, My Concubine" is a movie with two parallel, intertwined stories. It is the story of two performers in the Beijing Opera, stage brothers, and the woman who comes between them. At the same time, it attempts to do no less than squeeze the entire political history of China in the twentieth century into a three-hour time-frame.


4.2 out of 5 stars based on 39 reviews (1999)

Who could possibly be the target audience for Flawless? Walter (Robert De Niro) is a homophobic policeman who suffers a stroke while responding to gunshots in his own apartment building; for speech therapy, he starts taking singing lessons from his neighbor Rusty (Philip Seymour Hoffman of Magnolia, Boogie Nights, and Happiness), a gay drag queen who's saving up money for a sex-change operation. However, there's another story line that takes up at least as much time as that one, about a drug dealer and his goons trying to find money that was stolen from them, brutally beating up everyone in their path. Furthermore, the local gay community (in New York City) seems to consist entirely of drag queens and Log Cabin Republicans, and one of Walter's cop buddies goggles at drag queens as if he's just arrived from the middle of Iowa. All the characters--including various prostitutes, drug dealers, a hotel clerk who's a weaselly mama's boy, as well as the aforementioned drag queens and cops--are horrific stereotypes. De Niro and Hoffman, both extremely talented actors, do all they can to overcome their cliché-studded dialogue, but they never seem to be in the same movie. Written and directed by Joel Schumacher, whose eclectic career includes Batman & Robin, A Time to Kill, Flatliners, and St. Elmo's Fire.

(The) Fosters

4.8 out of 5 stars based on 39 reviews (2013)

Stef Foster and Lena Adams, a lesbian couple, have a family of adopted, biological, and foster children. Mariana and Jesus are adopted 15-year-old twins and Brandon is Stef's 16-year-old biological son from a previous marriage. Everything is going fine in the house until Callie and Jude arrive. 16-year-old Callie and her 12-year-old brother Jude have been in many different foster homes, but when they are placed with the Fosters, things begin to happen. In this series, the Fosters will deal with many different issues: hook-ups, break-ups, romances, and important life lessons.
- Excellent TV Series!!!  One of Mary's favourites!

(A) Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story

4.7 out of 5 stars based on 57 reviews (2006)

Based on a true story. As a young boy, Eddie Araujo always felt different somehow. She started putting on her mom's makeup and wearing her mom's clothes, which her mom found odd. By the time she entered her teen years, Eddie could no longer hide the fact that she was a lot different, that she was meant to be female and not male. When she finally accepted it and with her mom's eventual support, Eddie changed her name to Gwen and started to live life as female until a tragic night changed everything.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

3.3 out of 5 stars based on 75 reviews (2001)

Hedwig, born male as Hansel in East Berlin, fell in love with an American G.I. and underwent a Gender Confirmation Surgery in order to marry him and flee to the West. Unfortunately, nothing worked out quite as it was supposed to - years later, Hedwig is leading her rock band on a tour of the U.S., telling her life story through a series of concerts at Bilgewater Inn seafood restaurants. Her tour dates coincide with those of arena-rock star Tommy Gnosis, a wide-eyed boy who once loved Hedwig - but then left with all her songs.


no ratings or reviews yet (2016)

6 part TV Series

Her Story is set in Los Angeles with two trans women who have given up on love. Suddenly chance encounters give them hope. Violet is drawn to Allie, a reporter who approaches her for an interview. Career-driven Paige meets James, the first man she's considered opening up to in years. Will they risk letting what they are stand in the way of being loved for who they are? This is a story of been complex characters who laugh, struggle, and grow, who share strength in sisterhood, who seek and find love. Her Story depicts the unique, complicated, and very human women we see in queer communities, and explores how these women navigate the intersections of label identity and love.

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I Want What I Want

4.3 out of 5 stars based on 8 reviews (1972)

One of the first movies about Transvestites - 91 minutes


A 20-something son of a military officer feels like a woman trapped in a man's body. When he can't hide it anymore he has a fallout with his ladies man father and leaves home. Now what?

(A) Jihad for Love

4.0 out of 5 stars based on 1 review (2007)

Documentary - Religious - Muslims - gay, lesbian, and transgender Muslims across the world


In a time, when Islam is under tremendous attack-from within and without-'A Jihadfor Love' is a daring documentary-filmed in twelve countries and nine languages. Muslim gay filmmaker Parvez Sharma has gone where the silence is strongest, filming with great risk in nations where government permission to make this film was not an option. A Jihad for Love is the first-ever feature-length documentary to explore the complex global intersections of Islam and homosexuality. With unprecedented access and depth, Sharma brings to light the hidden lives of gay and lesbian Muslims from countries like Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, France, India, and South Africa. The majority of gay and lesbian Muslims must travel a lonely and often dangerous road. In many nations with a Muslim majority, laws based on Quranic interpretations are enforced by authorities to monitor, entrap, imprison, torture and even execute homosexuals. Even for those who migrate to Europe or North America and adopt Western

Just Call Me Kade

4.0 out of 5 stars based on 1 review (2002)

The inspiring true story of Kade Farlow Collins 14, FTM (female to male) transgendered, and living with an incredibly understanding family in Tucson Arizona.

Kiss of the Spider Woman

4.6 out of 5 stars based on 5 reviews (1985)

Luis Molina and Valentin Arregui are cell mates in a South American prison. Luis, a trans individual, is found guilty of immoral behavior and Valentin is a political prisoner. To escape reality Luis invents romantic movies, while Valentin tries to keep his mind on the situation he's in. During the time they spend together, the two men come to understand and respect one another.

La Cage aux Folles I & II

4.0 out of 5 stars based on 37 reviews (1978)

I - Two gay men living in St. Tropez have their lives turned upside down when the son of one of the men announces he is getting married. They try to conceal their lifestyle and their ownership of the drag club downstairs when the fiancée and her parents come for dinner.


II - Nightclub owner Renato and his transvestite companion/lover Albin becoming involved with the local cops and foreign spies when Albin unwittingly gets his hands on a roll of stolen microfilm. The gay couple then hide out in Renato's native Italy, but find little peace there with their frequent bickering among themselves.

Let Me Die A Woman

3.2 out of 5 stars based on 8 reviews (1977)

Actual footage showing M2F surgery - 78 minutes - Documentary


A documentary on the work of sex-change specialist Dr.Leo Wollman, including interviews with Dr.Wollman and a few of his patients, with an illustrated lecture on the various aspects of transsexuality plus actual footage of a sex-change operation, which is what gives the film its notoriety.

(A) Little Bit of Lippy

3.2 out of 5 stars based on 32 reviews (1992)

Rick Fairley is happily married, but he is a secret cross-dresser. Eventually his wife finds out and is horrified, and her parents are even more so. However, as she reconciles herself to the discovery, her Mother realises that her own very conventional marriage lacks a certain something.

Ma Vie en Rose

4.4 out of 5 stars based on 33 reviews (1997)

Ludovic is a transgender girl who is coming out. She talks of marrying her neighbor's son and can not understand why everyone is so surprised about it. Her family and neighbors struggle with her actions.

M.I. A Different Kind of Girl

4.3 out of 5 stars based on 7 reviews (2012)

A spirited and passionate male impersonator born on North Carolina's rural coast, transforms by taping down her breasts, shaving her head, and studying the masculine performances of today's most famous male entertainers - to become the incomparable NATION TYRE, show-stopper and ground-breaker for women in drag. In the new feature documentary film, M.I., A Different Kind of Girl picks up the torch ignited by films like Paris is Burning to investigate attitudes in their own LGBT and African-American communities about women in drag. In the process, they uncover powerful ideas about female gender identity and sexuality in not only the mainstream popular culture but also within the marginalized LGBT and African American communities where Nation has made a name for herself. As she pushes the bounds of female gender identity, is there room for Nation, a lone performer, to challenge the constraints at work in the African-American and LGBT community in pursuit of fame and visibility on the world stage? Introducing Laine Brown as Nation Tyre; The House of Tyre of Atlanta, NC's top drag queens, Breyannah Allure and Paris Brooks; and many more. Featuring music and special commentary by Hip Hop’s hottest female duo, KIN4LIFE.

Orange Is The New Black

4.1 out of 5 stars based on 907 reviews (2013) 5 Seasons

Convicted of a decade old crime of transporting drug money to an ex-girlfriend, normally law abiding Piper Chapman is sentenced to a year and a half behind bars to face the reality of how life changing prison can really be.
One of Mary's favourites!


5 stars out of 5 based on 12 reviews (2018) 2 seasons

Outrageous is a docu-series that tells real stories of people in the LBGTQ community and their allies. Each episode has different guest stars and subjects. There are so many shades to the queer community and we want to give as many a voice as possible.


4.6 stars out of 5 based on 46 reviews (2018) Season 1

Set in the 1980s, Pose looks at the juxtaposition of several segments of life and society in NYC, including the ball culture world. The FX dance musical series will premiere summer 2018.

Queen Sugar

4.9 stars out of 5 based on 588 reviews (2016) 3 Seasons

Produced by Oprah Winfrey, award-winning filmmaker Ava DuVernay (Selma), and Melissa Carter, Queen Sugar chronicles the lives and loves of the estranged Bordelon siblings in Saint Josephine, Louisiana. After a family tragedy forces them back together, the Bordelons must navigate the triumphs and struggles of their complicated lives in order to run an ailing sugarcane farm in the Deep South.

Rub & Tug

no ratings or reviews yet (2018)

no image yet
Based on the true story of Tex Gill, a larger than life character who, while transitioning from female to male, took on the mob and became the crime kingpin of 1970s Pittsburgh through his empire of illicit massage parlors and anabolic steroids ring that helped fuel the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL dynasty, but it is Tex's fiery romance with his girlfriend Cynthia that forms the emotional core of the story.

Note: Scarlet Johanson's casting as Tex Gill has drawn criticism from activists arguing that cisgender actors are disproportionately cast as trans characters. In response to this criticism, Johanson's rep released the following statement referring to other notable cisgender actors who have portrayed trans characters: "Tell them that they can be directed to Jeffrey Tambor, Jared Leto, and Felicity Huffman's reps for comment."


4.2 stars out of 5 (2015 - 2018) 2 Seasons 24 Episodes Netflix Original

Sense8 tells the story of eight strangers: Will (Smith), Riley (Middleton), Capheus (Ameen), Sun (Bae), Lito (Silvestre), Kala (Desai), Wolfgang (Riemelt), and Nomi (Clayton). Each individual is from a different culture and part of the world. In the aftermath of a tragic death they all experience through what they perceive as dreams or visions, they suddenly find themselves growing mentally and emotionally connected. While trying to figure how and why this connection happened and what it means, a mysterious man named Jonas tries to help the eight. Meanwhile, another stranger called Whispers attempts to hunt them down, using the same sensate power to gain full access to a sensate's mind (thoughts/sight) after looking into their eyes. Each episode reflects the views of the characters interacting with each other while delving deeper into their backgrounds and what sets them apart and brings them together with the others.

Soldier's Girl

5 out of 5 stars based on 30 reviews (2003)

The true story of the price a young soldier paid for falling in love with a transsexual night-club performer - 112 Minutes - Documentary


4.0 out of 5 stars based on 8 reviews (2015) Amazon Video

STONEWALL is a drama about a fictional young man caught up during the 1969 Stonewall Riots. Danny Winters (Jeremy Irvine) is forced to leave behind friends and loved ones when he is kicked out of his parent's home and flees to New York. Alone in Greenwich Village, homeless and destitute, he befriends a group of street kids who soon introduce him to the local watering hole The Stonewall Inn; however, this shady, mafia-run club is far from a safe-haven. As Danny and his friends experience discrimination, endure atrocities and are repeatedly harassed by the police, we see a rage begin to build. This emotion runs through Danny and the entire community of young gays, lesbians and drag queens who populate the Stonewall Inn and erupts in a storm of anger. With the toss of a single brick, a riot ensues and a crusade for equality is born.

Torch Song Trilogy

4.4 out of 5 stars based on 51 reviews (2004) (Mary gives it a 5!)

Tony Award-winning actor and playwright Harvey Fierstein re-creates his role as the unsinkable Arnold Beckoff in this film adaptation of the smash Broadway play TORCH SONG TRILOGY. A very personal story that is both funny and poignant, TORCH SONG TRILOGY chronicles a New Yorker's search for love, respect and tradition in a world that seems not especially made for him. From Arnold's hilarious steps toward domestic bliss with a reluctant school teacher, to his first truly promising love affair with a young fashion model, Arnold's greatest challenge remains his complicated relationship with his mother. But armed with a keenly developed sense of humor and oftentimes piercing wit, Arnold continues to test the commonly accepted terms of endearment--and endurance--in a universally affecting story that confirms that happiness is well worth carrying a torch for.

Trained in the Ways of Men

5 out of 5 stars based on 1 review (2006)

Leaving no stone unturned, Director Shelly Prevost scrupulously examines the murder trial of Gwen Araujo and provides numerous interviews with Gwen Araujo's mother Sylvia and the attorneys involved in the case.


4.4 out of 5 stars from 255 reviews (2006)

TRANSAMERICA tells the story of Bree (Felicity Huffman), a conservative transsexual woman who takes an unexpected journey when she learns that when she was a he, she fathered a son (Kevin Zegers), now a teenage runaway hustling on the streets of New York.


4.3 out of 5 stars based on 3 reviews (2014 - 2017) 4 Seasons Amazon Video

Mort has a secret that he really wants to tell his three adult children, who are so self-absorbed they don't see that something has changed for divorced, girlfriendless dad. Even when he invites them to dinner en masse to share his news, somehow, the conversation becomes about them. The secret unfolds, though, when he comes home and sees his married daughter getting intimate with her ex. Now, he knows her secret; she learns his; and the dysfunctional family finds one secret after another being exposed.

Wigstock The Movie

3 out of 5 stars based on 2 reviews (1995)

Outrageous, outlandish and totally out of the closet, Wigstock: The Movie is a heavily mascaraed look at New York’s most extravagant celebration of drag! “Colorful, flamboyant [and] extremely funny” (Blockbuster Entertainment Guide), this uninhibited look at the annual Wigstock Festival takes you behind the scenes - and into the dressing rooms - for an uproarious play-by-play of the self-proclaimed “Super Bowl of drag”! A “glitzy, lively, lovingly made show” (The Hollywood Reporter), Wigstock: The Movie features inspired music, daring performance art and a peek at the stars’ endless quests to be fabulous – wearing size 14 heels! With RuPaul, Lypsinka, Crystal Waters, The “Lady” Bunny, Deee-Lite, Alexis Arquette, Jackie Beat, John Kelly, Debbie Harry and the Dueling (Tallulah) Bankheads (!), Wigstock: The Movie is a dazzling musical celebration of life, love and lipstick!