When Matt Became Jade

Many at Northern Secondary School were surprised when Matt H. announced last year that he was running for student council president. A somewhat lonely boy, he didn’t fit the model of the popular, extroverted student leader. Everyone seemed to know the outgoing president. Matt was more reserved – he liked playing on-line games and writing….


…it starts with a niggle in the deep recesses of your soul that all is not quite right with the world as you know it and from there it grows… and there was I… one day I realised I was no longer in sync with my world, my family and the church culture I’d been…


Transsexual Tale Launches Author To Limelight

Julie Anne Peters has been writing for young adults for nearly 15 years, and if anyone knows that’s no path to fame and fortune, she does. So when the phone rang a few weeks ago, bringing career-boosting news, she was skeptical, at best. “This is Harold Augenbraum, executive director of the National Book Foundation,” the…